Ok social media, it’s time for a break.

I’m going to go on a social media hiatus for the rest of the summer. My accounts will still be active, but I won’t be posting and I won’t be checking. I’m going to delete the apps for Facebook and Instagram from my phone until the fall, so if you want to get in touch with me you can call, text or send me an email at brycelarsenmusic@gmail.com. I’ll be sending out updates on my show schedule, blog, music, (and maybe a few baby pictures) via the email list, so make sure you’re signed up on there!

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I want to fully experience the rest of this summer, enjoy my kids and wife when I’m home without a part of my mind worrying about getting ready or promo for the next show. I want to enjoy playing shows and not have part of my mind on whether I’ve set up the feed right or how many likes I am getting on the broadcast. I want to use my free time (during baby naps) to practice, write music, and work on creative projects that are more fulfilling than editing photos and video for posts and coming up with a great caption and hashtag list.

Social media has a lot of positives. I love that I can quickly stay up to date with old friends, share great moments with my family, and find communities of people with like interests and more experience than me to learn from. I’ll miss the connections, and though I might want to sneak on with a computer over the next month, I’m going to lock myself out, and promise to stay in touch in more personal ways.

For a small business, musician, or artist, it can be really time consuming. I constantly feel like I need to create material to stay relevant, and it seems like we just keep adding and adding to the work load with smaller and smaller returns. It never feels like enough, there’s always someone doing it better who I can learn from and change my approach, I can’t seem to get ahead and I think it’s time to let this all drop and see what happens.

In the fall, I’ll see how I feel. Maybe I’ll just start going on once a week without computer to stay in touch, maybe I’ll jump back in with renewed vigor and crush your feeds, but until then, come see me at a show and hang out!