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Bryce Larsen uses live-looping to combine guitar, vocals, and beat boxing, creating an entirely new take on the “one man band.”

The American Idol alum (Season 9) is known for the versatility of his repertoire, singing the hits and cult favorites from every era and every genre, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Bryce makes it a point to create an experience for his audience by constantly conjuring new versions of popular music.  Inspired by DJ’s, he will link songs together seamlessly, create unexpected mashups and build huge layered soundscapes before your eyes in a feat of artistry worthy of a stadium performance.

The Bryce Larsen Band (also known as The Actually Not That Bad Band @antbband on Instagram) performs in all combinations from duo to quintet.  Centered around Bryce and is layering, the group adds energy and life to the performance through keyboards, trombone, violin, drums, and female vocals.

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